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Do You Get Paid For Being On Social Media

Posted April 25th @ 6:57 am by Kame

Envision an existence where there is no requirement for you to cover your screen as your manager passes by with the end goal that he can’t see that you’re checking Facebook. Imagine a work setting where it isn’t obligatory to be mindful to your telephone dependably. You’ll be satisfied to realize that this world is […]

How to Childproof Your Home

Posted April 23rd @ 9:11 am by Kame

According to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and CNA, each year 2.5 million children are killed or injured in their homes. By taking some precautions and childproofing a home, some of these accidents would be avoidable. It is a good idea to use a cordless phone whenever there are small children living in […]