Director: * Rashid Dar
Genre: * *Classic Drama
Cast: * *Irfan Khoosat / Jameel Fakhri / Mahboob Alam / Qavi Khan / Abid Butt / Nazir Hussani.
Producer: * *Rashid Dar
Writer: * *Younus Javeed
Plot Summary:
The main theme of the drama is based on the criminal cases which are solved by a police team leaded by Qavi Khan. The drama series portrays such criminal issues which we often hear and see ourselves. The writer did a great job in focusing on the problems faced by people and the impact of such cases on the lives of a common man.
The superb performances by the best combination of actors ensures engrossing viewing experience for the masses. Even today the dialogues of certain characters of this drama are repeated in our daily conversation. Every actor has performed his role extremely well creating the same atmosphere as we see in our “Thanas” – police stations.
Excellent dialogues with superb directions and performances by the actors have made this drama immortal.

Ptv Drama Andhera Ujala - Rishta
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Ptv Drama Andhera Ujala - Aakas bail
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